Friday, January 16, 2015

Here it Comes

We use a great little video about empathy with the sixth graders.  Here it is.  You don't have to watch it, but you might want to.

We mention this video a lot during the year, especially when kids are having a hard time seeing something from multiple perspectives.

"Can you get down in the hole with Francisco?" I'll say, prompting them to really explore something from that character's perspective.  

We also always laugh about the line, "Rarely, if ever, does an empathic response  begin with 'At least.'"  Like, "Susie's is failing out of school."  "Well, at least Allison is an A student."

So yesterday, my face was all burny and blotchy from the light booth, which is my psoriasis treatment.  It looked horrible, and I was having a blah day anyway.  During my prep, I messaged Robin: "And my face looks like it's going to fall off."

"I'm sorry," she said.  

And then, "At least you have a face."

I laughed so hard.  At least there's that.


mm said...

This video is a good resource.

LH said...

I just watched this and liked it a lot. I had a kid do the silver lining thing this week when we were reading about how there were no bus services for African American kids going to their desegregated school. I was reading a book about Coretta Scott King. He said, "Hey! At least those kids got exercise!" We had a chat about this comment, and now I have extra resources to use to talk about it again. Merci beaucoup. I hope your face is better.