Sunday, January 18, 2015


#NovelSnip is just a teeny tiny bit of my fiction writing project.  Today's snip is a continuation of the scene two weeks ago when Alice gets kicked out of the car as punishment for not practicing her instrument.

After fifteen or twenty minutes of determined striding, she reached the on-ramp to the stretch of highway over the Mississippi - maybe a three quarters of a mile - that would lead her to her neighborhood. Alice wasn’t sure of the rules regarding highways.  Was there a sidewalk on the bridge?  She couldn't remember one. There was a sign on the right side of the ramp that said “No pedestrians.”  But this was the way home.  She didn’t know about any alternate routes.

At the top of the ramp, she tried to walk with one foot in front of the other on the white concrete that bordered the asphalt, without letting even a fraction of her shoe touch the black.  She smashed her right calf against the steel cable that lined the road.  Alice had been right - there was no sidewalk over the bridge, only a chest-high guardrail. She turned her head toward the water below, shutting out the traffic that blasted past, a foot beyond her left shoulder. Tempted to run, she willed her legs not to - to stay connected to the steel cable.  When she’d made it halfway, her eyes re-focused on the grassy bank that spread out toward the river next to the exit she'd take to safety, a police cruiser abruptly pulled up beside her.  She looked tentatively at the door, and then grabbed the handle and pulled it open.

That's #NovelSnip!  Why not?!


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Oh Gosh. Love this. Love #NovelSnip

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I look forward to this.

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Alice! What were you thinking?

I'm into it.