Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On the Lowly Jimsonweed

The transition back from project land has been tough for some of the students.  They've had a week of roaming free, researching, talking, painting, designing, and then doing specific jobs related to the installation pictured above, and now I need them to settle in for some typical lessons.  

Not that the typical lesson is anything less than scintillating, but...  Yesterday, I found myself leading them through group stretches and asking them to breathe deeply.

"WHY?!" one snarky individual exclaimed.

It was totally obvious WHY, so I just kept my eyes closed and kept stretching.

In other really exciting news, Lee and I have a podcast for you today.  If you're a teacher, you might want to listen to the podcast.  If you're not a teacher, but you like reading and thinking about teaching, you will probably want to listen to the podcast.  Basically why NOT listen to the podcast? You can download it or stream it according to your preference.  We might do it again sometime.


LH said...

Well, we did our best, and we forgot the rest. You did such an amazing job with the editing. It sounds kind of like The Serial, but there's no hideous crime.

mm said...

You gals are amazing.