Saturday, January 3, 2015

Skates a-Flash

It's a hockey weekend here.

Last night, Shef's team beat their first tournament opponents by a margin of 9 goals.  That's a big margin in hockey, and we were all pleased.

Later today, The Storm will face the St. Paul Capitals in their second effort.  Meanwhile, I'll be with Mac at his Chill practice.  From there, we'll zip to the rink and check out the second half.  We'll probably say, "Go Storm!"

On Sunday, there will be two more hockey events - one practice for the Chill, one final tournament game for the Storm.

You might interpret this as complaining, but it's not complaining.  You know what I do?  I bring a book, fleece blanket, hat and mittens; and I pay intermittent attention during practices.  During games, I chat affably with the other moms while also watching.  It's perfectly pleasant in every way, and I also earn Mother of the Year credits.  I'm trying to stock up early in 2015.


Anonymous said...

Your points are admirable! Enjoy! Love, mom

mm said...

I would think reading with mittens would be difficult. Go Mother of the Year!

LH said...

That's a lot of hockey. I used to play field hockey in high school. One semester, as part of my gym class.