Sunday, January 4, 2015

Free Like the Wind

I have an update on my adoption of the KonMari method of decluttering my life.  After one does clothes and books, one moves onto papers.  The KonMari rules state that devotees should gather all pieces of clutter that fit into a particular category and sort them at once. All at once and swiftly.

I did that with clothes and books, but with papers, I just couldn't get myself to empty the desk in my bedroom and sort the papers with the stuff that was in the filing cabinet.

Can we still focus on the positive? I've located all of the birth certificates and social security cards and filed them appropriately.  Shef and I also decided together that I could throw out his old report cards.  I don't see a long term purpose for keeping Shef's pre-k report cards.  

I did find this gem of a story that Mac dictated to a teacher in pre-k.  It's typical of his work at this time.
His Birthday. By Mac. 2/1/13
Once upon a time,  there was a boy and he couldn't wait until he had his birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese.  And his birthday was March 31st. His home was very big because it was a mansion. He had a pet bird named Billy.  Someone shot down his house.  - The End
I'm so proud.


mm said...

These are the items to save. The decluttering seems like a lot of work.

LH said...

The ending to Mac's story really gets me thinking.