Thursday, January 8, 2015


I meant to start a new feature on Sunday, and then I forgot because it was back-to-school.  So, I'm starting today and then will put #NovelSnip back on Sundays where it belongs.  The gist is this: my New Year's Resolution is to work on writing this year.  Like, writing a book.  Of fiction.  Finishing or publishing the book is not part of the resolution.  It's just the WRITING that we're working on, and I'm starting small.  Yesterday, I wrote three sentences, and I thought that was satisfactory.

So, #NovelSnip will keep me honest.  It's a little snippet of the story, which at the moment has no arc whatsoever.  So here you go:

After weeks of refusing to play the violin and lying about practice, he pulled over one afternoon, several miles from their home, and ordered her out of the sedan.  She stepped out, stood on the sidewalk next to a municipal golf course, and watched his car speed down the street.   

She stood on the warm pavement stunned for a moment. Then, chin up, she turned toward the receding car and marched after it.  Alice knew how to get home, although she felt conspicuous on her own at nine years old, heat and fear rising in waves from her stomach.  Still, Alice rolled her shoulder blades down her back and walked briskly, staring straight ahead.  Each time she felt distracted or overwhelmed, she gave her head a small shake and clenched her back teeth.  

It's #NovelSnip.  Why not?! 


LH said...

I love this. A lot.

Anonymous said...

Well written...descriptive. Look forward to the next. Love, mom

jdoc said...

I'm already a fan.

mm said...