Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's #NovelSnip

Sunday's feature is #NovelSnip, a tiny snippet of the novel I'm working on. That makes me laugh. "Novel I'm working on." Hahahahahaha.

It's #NovelSnip:

She and Evelyn had decided it was something she “should” do.  Should was common in Alice and Evelyn’s lexicon.  We should sit at the table and do some reading.  We should take Ethan to a movie.  We should try to eat more vegetables.  And you should, Alice, visit your father.

She’d stepped off the plane in Florida, feeling the ambient heat and breathing deeply as she traversed the jetway. At the end of the tunnel, she glimpsed Frank, mustached with a coarse gray toupee. Next to him stood Dorothy, his mother, her lips pinched and her eyes searching. 

Alice twisted her lips into a smile, and Dorothy matched her.

That's #NovelSnip this week.  More next Sunday.


jhw said...


LH said...

Oh man. I like this Alice kid. I'm also a little concerned about her.

I heart #novelsnip

mm said...

"...lips pinched and her eyes searching." Oh my...

jdoc said...

I was looking forward to #NovelSnip today. You did not disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Well described! I like how you are focusing on small incidents through which we learn much about feelings and the characters' appearance. A judious use of words! Mom