Sunday, February 28, 2016

Better Living Through Criticism Blog Challenge

Here's what's happening: During March, I'm going to write reviews.  I've been into this lately, as I am - it turns out - a professional film critic.  I'm expanding that capacity now. I'm going to be a professional critic of everything.

Here's my review of last evening:

The company and conversation over dinner at Crave was sublime.  Dan and I sipped our martinis.  I ordered mine "extra dirty," and savored the briny flavor, especially as I bit into the chilled olives, the taut exteriors giving way to tangy shots of blue cheese. Our usual sushi order satisfied immensely.  Chili sauce enlivened the shrimp tempura roll, although I have to say that the tempura flakes on the outside did obscure the flavor of the filling just a little bit.  The best bite was the seabass sashimi, sliced just thinly enough.

Next we walked down to the West End movie theater.  Turned out Dan accidentally bought tickets for a movie theater in Chicago, but the workers were forgiving and honored them.  We then upgraded our seats to VIP. "This is the only way I'm ever going to see a movie for the rest of my life," Dan proclaimed.  It's posh, what with the wide recliners and on-site bar.  I sipped prosecco as Deadpool, a superhero and X-man appeared on screen.  Earlier in the day, I'd listened on the Q & A with Jeff Goldsmith podcast to the screenwriters of Deadpool talk about the six-year process of bringing this irreverent, silly character to screen.  Yes, Deadpool has ridiculous, self-important, and often crass humor, but I didn't care.  I liked that guy and his Sinead O'Connor jokes.  I'm going to go ahead and give Deadpool my stamp of approval.  It's violent and stupid, but it means to be that way.  3.5 stars.