Saturday, February 13, 2016

Status Report

Left Nostril: It keeps bleeding at inopportune times.  I'm blaming the arctic tundra in which I live.  First, it started bleeding while I was walking the dog, and I had to staunch the drip with my white, cable-knit mittens.  Then, as I was listening to an update on the Capital Campaign at my school in the middle of a row, I felt a metallic flow in the back of my throat. I had to tilt my head back and race out of the auditorium.  Before you even ask, NO, I haven't even been picking it.  I just can't wait for spring.

Meetings: Let's be honest, I generally despise meetings. But yesterday, I was in the most creative, collaborative, energizing meeting I've had in years.  It was teachers of social studies in grades six through nine.  Generally, I'm assigned to be with English teachers because of my extensive training and experience in that discipline.  But, I do actually teach social studies to sixth graders now, as I have for the last two and half years. I've been mentored by the best, so I was invited.  The people were brilliant and the vibe was electric.  Probably the kids will benefit.

Valentine's: Is this a real thing?  It's not that I don't love my hilarious and fabulous husband, but we can't get it together to go out.  Instead, we're accommodating other people's going-out plans.  That's love, too.

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When we talk I want to hear about that must have had really exciting ideas! Mom