Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fitness Report

It's that time again where I pledge to get back into shape.  Let's start with the good news: I never became horribly out of shape.  I maintained a reasonable, although low level of fitness throughout the winter.  I did this by walking Teddy and doing some (not a lot) of online workouts at

That's all well and good, but I went to real barre class on Monday at a studio and had to modify nearly every move. I watched the other long and lean participants, and they did not have to do this. "I'm really out of shape," I whispered conspiratorily to the instructor, who has seen me on better days.

"It's really good to see you," she said at the end of the class.  I bet it is, Heather!  I saw you laughing at me as I rolled my eyes at myself and rested in child's pose.

Then yesterday, I forced myself onto the treadmill with low expectations.  2 and half miles, I pledged.  That's it.  I kept busy with a Modern Love podcast and broke the 10 min per mile barrier.  It's a start.

After the workout, I realized enough is enough.  I marched upstairs and registered for a 10 mile trail race to take place on May 22nd.  I'll have to be in much better shape to get to the finish line on my feet.  Because (as I mentioned yesterday) I'm a real runner, I know I can get this done.

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mm said...

Impressive motivation at the end.