Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ticket for the Long Way 'Round

It's been an intense week of writer's workshop.  We're in there pounding out literary essays.  These are complex little pieces, especially for the sixth graders.  In fact, I've never attempted teaching literary analysis essay to sixth graders before. We're using a new curriculum by one of the stars of the literacy world (Yes, there is a literacy world, and yes, there are stars), and it's scaffolded in a really cool and accessible way.  I think the kids are feeling accomplished, which is a sensation we all enjoy.  I told the Sixers yesterday that I used to teach the same concepts to tenth graders in my previous post, which is true. They were heartened, and their little fingers depressed the keys at a slight uptick.

I'm also feeling accomplished in that this is my Friday, and after school, I'm lighting out for Duluth.  I'm feeling slightly bad that I'm leaving Dan alone for the Hockey Tournament Extravaganza, but he's highly capable.  I know he can handle it. Go get it, Dan and Hockey Team!  You've got this!


mm said...

Have a great time in Duluth.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Duluth and happy birthday to Rachael!