Thursday, February 18, 2016

Double Dip

Mac lost his second tooth yesterday.  His teeth are really slow to fall out. The kid is seven and a half, and only two have come unmoored.  When these two have come loose, he's resisted any pulling or wiggling.  Instead, he let them dangle by disgusting little gum threads.

Anyway, finally, he let me get in there and lightly tug this beauty out.

He stuck it under his pillow and the tooth fairy promptly arrived, leaving a couple of bucks and a congratulatory note.  She also left the tooth because sometimes people want to keep the teeth.

"She left the tooth!" Mac said, confused.

"Yeah," I said. "Maybe she thought you would want it."

Mac shrugged and smiled.  "I'm putting it back under my pillow tonight."

Not a bad idea.  The fairy responded - left a quarter and a note that said "A for Effort."  She also took the tooth.


Anonymous said...

That is a wise kid and a very smart fairy! Love, Nana

mm said...

I agree with Mac... She shouldn't have left the tooth.

LH said...

Rosalyn was always so sad that her teeth were taken away.