Monday, February 15, 2016

The Bonus

This is one of those magical Mondays off.  There's no school. I'm planning to spend the morning reading and writing and maybe visiting the photo booth for my hideous skin condition.  I'll work out, clean a little bit, take the kids to some hockey lessons, and watch the Bachelor.

Could things get any better?  Probably not today.

The weekend proper was pretty good, too.  For instance, Mac has noticed that he's getting taller.

"Let's measure," he said, standing in front of me with his little chin pointed slightly up.

I gave a rough estimate, holding my hand at chest-level as he stepped back to check out his progress.

"I'm up to your breasts!" he announced.

He is, in fact, up to my breasts.  Good work, kid.


mm said...

Have a great day! I'll be grading the writing I put off until today, but I'll still do all the other given time.

LH said...

I have a snow day and I'm mostly procrastinating. It's kind of nice.