Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Voices

Guess what?  I successfully suggested that my sister Rachel start writing a blog.  She had the pressure coming from two sources, as her mom keeps telling her to write stuff down, as well.  In any case, we're all winners now because 30inPA exists. Woot!

Because we have a media sharing partnership, Rachel influenced me to start listening to the Modern Love podcast.  It's like a best-of the Modern Love column from the New York Times, read by famous actors and followed by a conversation between the authors of the pieces, the editor of the column, and the podcast host.

I mean, really.

There's one episode in particular in which a birth mother talks about the relationship she has with family she chose to raise her child.  This writer, Amy Seek, really makes you feel the balance of adoption.  On the one hand it's joy, and on the other hand it's grief.  I think that's often true for people on all sides of the adoptive triad.  Probably, you should listen to the podcast if you're curious about it.  Here's the LINK.

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mm said...

I read and commented on Sarah's blog. Thanks for sharing.