Friday, February 26, 2016

Half-Time Report

Conferences: I've got five more in a row this morning on the half-hour.  Celebrating the awesomeness and looking toward a brighter future.  I've got this!

Exhaustion: It's setting in. I feel it on the edges of my eyeballs.  I'm hoping I remember how to speak coherently until the conclusion of the final meeting.  At these moments, I flash back to my very first set on conferences in 1999.  I had 150 students and we did them "arena style," where families would line up to speak to you for five minutes each. We did it for 8 hours straight. One set of parents kept asking me if their daughter's writing was too verbose.  At 9pm after doing a hundred conferences (literally), I couldn't remember what verbose meant.  It was hideous.

1 comment:

LH said...

I've never had to do 100 conferences, but even after doing 25, I find myself stammering a bit toward the end.

I'm glad you're nearly done. I hope you have some fun to celebrate.