Friday, February 19, 2016

Media Report

In theater... It's the middle school play today.  Shef takes the stage as Inspector Washington at Ellis Island in 1907.  I've seen some of the dance moves here at home, and it appears the kid is a natural.  I'll watch it twice - once with the middle schoolers and once in the evening - and then I have to take my star to the cast party at 10:30. PM. And wait for him there until 11:45. PM!  Will it be rude to retire to my car and listen to an audio book rather than socialize with the other play parents? I mean, probably.

In books... one of my advisees told me she'd spent weekend reading a book that is "a cross between The Hunger Games and The Bachelor."  I stared at her.  "Bring that book to me," I commanded.  She did. It's exactly what she says, and it's called The Selection by Kiera Cass.  I'm also reading Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend, which I'm sure I'm going to fall in love with, and The Red Pencil by Andrea Davis Pinkney.  I've never read a book about Darfur. This one has me attached to the characters from the first moments.  The line drawings are by Shane W. Evans, and I love them.

In movies...  I found a new podcast to listen to for treadmill use last night.  It's called Q & A with Jeff Goldsmith.  In the episode I listened to, Drew Goddard talked about writing the screenplay for The Martian by Andy Weir.  Super interesting, plus I loved The Martian and continue to love Matt Damon, who stars in the movie and is discussed in the podcast.  Finally, my brother Kevin stopped by, and I convinced him to see to the Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts with me this weekend.  #winning.

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LH said...

I've really got to start tracking down some of these podcasts you recommend.