Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sankalpa - Day 11

Yesterday in assembly, my boss showed this video:

It's obviously perfect for my sankalpa. I thought of the little, blue-haloed smiling guy many times today. I love the sentiment that if you can meditate in a moment, you can actually meditate all day long.

This afternoon, I purchased a much-needed pair of new jeans. They're jeans that will look great with clogs. This is a must for any jeans I own hence forth, as I wear clogs 95% of the time.

In other news, I ran 12 miles en route to the Boston Marathon, which is in April. I listened to Unbroken while I did it. I'm almost finished with that great book.


mm said...

I appreciate that boss understands the stress of the job.

LH said...

I like this little video. I've watched it before. And I will watch it again.
I'm so excited about your marathon plans.