Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sankalpa - Day 16

I made this avatar to show what I should NOT be doing during my sankalpa.

I'm doing okay at the moment. I'm writing my comments. It's a ton of work. I'm also studying slam poetry with my 7th graders. We're getting these amazing poets-in-residence, Sam Cook and Michael Lee, next week, and they asked me to help the kids prepare for their visit by watching some poems and discussing them.

You're going to want to watch all of these poems and discuss them, I'm pretty sure:


KC said...

I have actually become obsessed with that last poet, Rachel Rostad. She goes to Macalester. She went viral because of a poem called "Dear JK Rowling from Cho Chang." There's a great blog post about the poem and the aftermath on Henry Jenkins' blog here:

mm said...

I e-mailed myself the link to this page to use when I do my poetry slam at the end of the year. is one of my favorite poems to use. Have you seen Louder than a Bomb. Our poetry slam unit is actually built around this awesome movie!

LH said...

I love this avatar very much. Please tell me how I can make an avatar.

I haven't watched the vids yet but I'm looking forward to all 3.

Love this post!

KC said...

LH, I was inspired by your Creativity Thursday. The avatar I made at bitstrips. Try this URL: