Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Lee is doing a Sankalpa thing for 24 days.  I'm doing it too.  It seems weird to call it a challenge because I'm pretty sure that part of my Sankalpa will be letting go of competition.  We're not in this to win this - we're in this to become more intentional.

Speaking of intentionality, that's the heart of my Sankalpa.  I'm making space for deliberation and for being deliberate.  I'm letting go of impulsiveness. I'm focusing on the breath and the thinking.  I'm putting intention behind my action.

Dan's already making fun of me, of course.  "Where did you intentionally put the keys?" he queried on his way to the grocery.

As Sankalpa would have it, I saw them right there in front of my face.  "They're right here," I smiled.  I would have smiled smugly, but I'm letting go of smug.


mm said...

Intentionality, being more deliberate, impressive!

LH said...

I like your sankalpa.

I need to put mine into action right now and finish 2 side bar articles that I have to submit with the article. Not happy about this, but I'm going to be strong and get it done.

Seems like Pronto's really going to benefit from your sankalpa. Yay!