Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sankalpa - Day 2

I'm bringing intentionality into my life.  To that end, I began the day with my Headspace meditation.  Couldn't help but note that my mind was especially chattery; however, I tried not to judge my thoughts and feelings.  I tried to achieve distance from them by noting them, and that's all.  But, I think I might have put too much effort into the exercise.

Later in the day, I noted several times that I felt anxious and/or impatient.  I tried not to judge these feelings.  I tried to spend time on things I really wanted to do, instead of just clicking away on the internet.  I basically achieved this - I sent invitations for a shower I'm hosting, finished a book, and played games with the kids.

Now, I'm feeling nauseous.  I think it was the fried food I ate for dinner.  I'm hoping not to puke, but if I do puke, I'll try not to judge that experience, but rather just to live in the moment while puking. 

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lee said...

I really like this intentionality sankalpa. And this whole post. And I'm inspired by it. Today I have the intention of finishing the article completely. Even though it's the weekend here in Israel, I'm going to work. I'm so close to done, might as well try to finish off the job. Here I go.