Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sankalpa - Day 18

Mac and I are having a solo weekend here while Dan and Shef are at a hockey tournament in Mankato. We've been spending time doing things that we enjoy, like puzzles and cuddling.

We also went to the second-run movie theater to see a stupid film called Free Birds. It was poor. One of many failings of this feature was the problematic depiction of Native American turkeys. I'm not even kidding. Went to Rotten Tomatoes to get a sense of the reviews, and the critics seem to agree with me that this film has little to offer. Here's a quote from professional film reviewer, Liam Lacey:

The movie's animal rights, vegetarian message should go down easily with politically correct parents - at least until they choke on the offensive depiction of 17th-century turkeys as face-painted, headband-wearing native Americans.

Still, I remained calm during this troubling animated romp. Now, I'm knocking out a few more comments before Mac's first real hockey game, during which I'll also remain calm.


LH said...

Way to go for staying calm. Did you see this sweet little episode of Joseph Gordon Levitt on the Ellen show? It's a nice tribute to his feminist mom. I'm so happy for your boys that you are there to help them disrupt the status quo..... Anyway, sweet video, and now I really like this guy.

unabashed liberal said...

Good luck to Mac. Let us know how his first real game goes.

jhw said...

Hope the game went well. Still doing our version of the one minute meditation! :-)