Monday, January 6, 2014

Sankalpa - Day 6

As part of my "I am intentional" sankalpa, I'm also being more deliberate about what I eat.  I got inspired by a website called 100 Days of Real Food. I like it because you don't have to go and do anything stupid like stop eating gluten or dairy.  I also like that you don't have to promise to do 100 days.  You can do 10 days, if you want.  Or, if you only feel like doing "mini pledges," that's fine, too.  Basically, it's a friendly place where you can just, like, be inspired to make healthy choices.

I was inspired today to have healthy snacks.  I made popcorn on the stove and had a little yogurt parfait with the granola I made yesterday.  I drizzled the plain yogurt with honey and also the blueberry juice that leaked out of the frozen berries when I put them in the microwave.

I did break down and eat some red licorice left over from my plane ride, but I'm not judging myself.  I'm just celebrating the healthy choices I've made.  I'll have another day to focus on this tomorrow because school is canceled again.  It's colder in Minnesota than it is in Antarctica. I'm not even kidding.


mm said...

I love the idea of eating real food, but I hate the idea of cooking meals.

LH said...

That is a cool site. Husbandman needs to make a web page called hot plate cookery. We only have one hot plate and a microwave. And an electric tea kettle. Husbandman's gotten very creative and we are eating well. Love the yogurt picture. There's something abstract about it.