Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sankalpa -Day 19

I'm calmly working my way through my comment-writing. The only problem today is that on my breaks, I've been doing internet shopping. That's an expensive way to get the job done. So, on my most recent break, I practiced violin instead. I made this video to show my progress on the first movement of the Vivaldi:

I think you can hear the improvement. The one problem is that the more I played through this, the more nervous I got. My hand was shaking with nerves while I made video in my house with no one listening. You can only imagine how rattled I'll be at my spring recital when I have to play a Telemann concerto for four violins with the other adult women. Is it possible to meditate DURING a recital, do you think?

A note on my outfit: Dan hates it. He doesn't like it when I wear clothing items he can't identify. Like this shawl. It's a SHAWL, Dan. Get with the program.


mm said...

I'm glad you're taking breaks, and I've been following your progress via your tweets. I, on the other hand have one large break since I haven't started grading and writing comments for the latest writing project.

LH said...

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this violin concerto. A great start to my day. I also am fascinated by Skip who seems like a loyal and true companion.

Our school district went to an electronic report card where teachers just have to type in a # and a comment appears. I doubt most even do that. No comments. It's not good. I wish yours could be streamlined. Glad you're almost there.

I want to see 12 Years a Slave. Probably this weekend.

Anyway, keep up the great work in all departments.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this! I also enjoyed watching Skip and seeing the wintery scene beyond! Love mom