Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sankalpa - Day 7

First of all, a PSA: Dan's parents are studying French in France and blogging about it.  Check it out over at Unabashed Liberal.  They seem to be a model of living deliberately, their goal being to learn French and their daily activities conducted solely in French with demanding French teacher.

Next, I'm very relieved that we have school tomorrow.  It's time to return to the routine.  Plus, the truth is I love my students, my colleagues, and the business of working in a school.  Let's get back to it!  My own children are also excited, missing their friends and teachers.

I was slow and deliberate today.  I finished grading student projects, I practiced my Vivaldi (I *might* be sticker ready by lesson time on the first movement), I played with the kids, I roasted a chicken and some vegetables.  I took deep breaths and stayed in my sweatpants.

My sankalpa will undoubtedly be more difficult tomorrow when the break-neck pace of the job I love kicks in.  I'm planning to do my meditation first thing in the morning to set my intention for the day.  Then, I'll end the work day by running (in the bitter cold, can you say 'hard core'?) with my pal Paula.

We'll see how it goes, I guess.  I'm hoping for a calm day.


mm said...

The most challenging thing I foresee about going back tomorrow is finding clothes in the morning instead of grabbing for tights and a sweatshirt. Have a great day!!

LH said...

It's great to read that when you slow down, you get more stuff done. I'm going to remember that today. I get missing your job. Jobs are pretty neat. Here's one thing I haven't told you about Headspace.... Don't tell anyone, but I recline on my bed as I listen to Andy. It's very relaxing. I know I'm supposed to sit, but I'm enacting my own power by doing it my own way. Heading over to Unabashed....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...you've been mindfully deliberate for a week! The food website also sounds intriguing. Miss you guys! Love mom