Monday, January 27, 2014

Swamp People: 10 Deadliest Hunts

We're in some weird alternate universe where it's really cold and we never have school. I'm going to have to become a pioneer woman and start homeschooling the children while making my own chicken stock. Then, I'll have to take up sewing and needlepoint. In the summer, I'll hoe and wear a floor-length apron. I'll grow my hair to my waist and learn how to whittle and make my own soap.

That's how it feels to miss out on the cosmopolitan life of a middle school teacher.

Maybe we'll be back at it on Wednesday. Maybe we won't. Maybe it'll be time to buy slates and chalk and line up the neighborhood kids in rows in the living room. I'll have them call me Ma.


unabashed liberal said...

They will be very lucky to have such a wonderful teacher.

Jill said...

JJ begged me to home school him after he had MLK day off, two snow days, and a 2-hour delay. Hard to get back into the routine. I said no. So should you, although I'm sure the pioneer life would suit you.

LH said...

I wish I had one of those pioneer hats that they wore on Little House on the Prairie. You should wear one around your house, to get into character.