Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Best Easter Ever

I have a history of having a poor attitude about the West family Easter Festivities. That's because, as Dan likes to point out, I'm generally against fun. But this year, as it's the best year evah, I was EXTREMELY POSITIVE. Here's photographic evidence of my infectious enthusiasm courtesy of Auntie Phee:

As you can see, my brother Kevin and I rocked the Easter Egg Hunt as Team K2.

Before the party, I went for a two-hour run, on which I listened to some great podcasts. That counts as a literacy activity, I hope you know. One of the podcasts I listened to was The Moth. This episode was a story about a woman surviving a shipwreck and a shark attack. It was a pretty horrific story, but the teller managed to infuse quite a lot of humor into it. I admired that, and it affirmed my personal life philosophy that almost anything is worth laughing at least a little bit.

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Martha said...

Hey Hi! I didn't know you were home! Thought would were coming home today! Won't call, it's too late. But Happy Easter Ms. Enthusiasm. xx