Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Tried Ice-Dipping for My Shin Splint.

I made a podcast about Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien. I've blogged about this book a few times this month already. The reality is it takes me awhile to finish books because I'm always reading two others for school. Also, I don't finish books I don't really like.

I did like this book, and you can hear my podcast about it at this link.

Five days to go on this challenge. What are we going to do about prizes?!


mm said...

How did the ice dipping go?

LH said...

This was a MOST EXCELLENT podcast. I'm going to read this book.

And may I say once again, I loved this excellent podcast!!!

KC said...

The ice dipping was good. i also had a chat with our resident PT (my brother's awesome girlfriend), and she assures me it will get better.

and yes, thank you for your nice comments on my podcast, Lee!!! I was v. proud of that podcast and i liked the jazzy music.

the book is good and it's YA.