Saturday, April 17, 2010

Give Him a Fire in His Heart

Shef and I have been on the move today doing about a million errands.

One of them was to the library, where Shef picked out two graphic novels based on the Star Wars movies. This made all the rest of the errands tolerable for both of us:

I read a bit of Birthmarked during the practice portion of Shef's basketball league. And I might have read a little bit during the game.


LH said...

Shef's hair looks darker. This week was murder at work. Misery. I wish I had gotten some errands taken care of today. I just sat around reading. Relaxing, but I feel some guilt.

Mary said...

he is so big. and cute.
I move out in a week so get ready to do some errands with me!

KC said...

Yes - Shef's hair is getting pretty dark. I'd say it's pretty much BROWN these days, although it might lighten up in the summer.

Can't wait to do some errands with my sistah. Why won't you come home immediately?!?!?!