Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will Somebody Please Just BUY OUR HOUSE ALREADY?

I read about a bizillion things today, but the thing I read twice was the proctor checklist for part two of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment. The kids reported that the test articles were extremely boring and that they guessed on the poem questions. I hope they guessed right.

Later in the day, I taught a dynamic lesson on Chapters Eight through Fifteen of Things Fall Apart. In the last fifteen minutes of class, I directed the students to finalize their podcast scripts, since we're recording a podcast about "the right to read around the world" tomorrow. I sat down at my desk to finish my sandwich, while a group in the corner played musical instruments (part of their podcast segment), another group rapped quietly, and several pretended to be broadcasters. And, of course, some groups were just wasting time.

Anyway, I was mid-bite in my sandwich and sort of paying attention to the chaos when my principal came in.


"Hi!" the principal beamed. The musical instruments played on and a couple of kids came up to ask to go to the bathroom. "I just came to see how the blended course was going."

It's going just fine, I told him. I'm working super hard.

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LH said...

I've gotta get back into the podcasting swing.
How's it going? They're making their own music???
I'm going to have to freak out about this.

I don't really want anyone to buy your house, as I've told you before. Because I love your house. Your boys need to grow up there. Sorry, but that's just my opinion, in a nutshell.