Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Happy Birthday, Devin! Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Right now I'm reading a short story by Fitzgerald called "Winter Dreams." It's fine. I assigned it as a precursor to The Great Gatsby, which we'll start tomorrow.

"I heard that book sux," one junior told me.

If I were Pronto, I probably would have said, "You suck," but instead I asked for attention and made a big announcement.

"The Great Gatsby changed my life. I love it. It made me want to dedicate my life to literacy education. And I don't want to hear a single bad thing about it."

I'm sure that's all it will take.


Shannon Clattenburg said...

Way to be bold and assert your reasons for loving the book.

Hopefully you didn't get too much backlash from that one - and it will be smooth sailing for you until the ending of the good.

I was never given that book to read in high school - but may have to request it from the library soon enough.

Gina Marie said...

Probably the one who said it was going to suck will embrace you in a few weeks for changing his life through literature.

... and if he doesn't, then someone should test him to make sure he has a soul.

I think I'm going to read Winter Dreams now. I've never heard of it.

anne said...

It was Pride and Prejudice that did it for me. Great Gatsby should be an easier sell!