Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Like a Dream

I'm about to make myself read eight literary analysis papers.

I'm conflicted about the literary analysis. On the one hand, it requires close reading and critical thinking; and that's good.

On the other hand, it's kind of stupid as a genre.


LH said...

#1 son was complaining about his teacher sharing his line by line analysis of Dante's Inferno yesterday. "What is the point of that?" he asked.

So he would probably agree with you.

We're trying to get some little peeps to analyze some literature down here in B-Town. I'll keep you posted.

Gina Marie said...

Literary analysis is the worst. Once, my usually very smart friend wrote an entire paper about Henry James' Turn of the Screw but accidentally used sources on James Joyce. Our teacher just wrote "NO" in huge letters on her paper and returned it.

...One of those nerdy English Lit stories that only .0001% of the population would find humor in.

KC said...

i am done assigning lit analysis for the year. I'm prob going to cut down on it more next year. it's just not the greatest, imo.

that's a bummer about the james mix-up. geez.

did q agree with his teacher's analysis??