Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sue Sylvester, Dance on Air

I have to write fast, so I can GLEE!

Rosalyn told me that there are some disturbing racial hierarchies perpetuated in that show; but Rosalyn, did you know there's also MADONNA?!

I could have used a little Madonna at school today. A little "Isla Bonita" would have softened up the email message that took the wind out my pilot project, for sure. A few bars of "Like a Prayer," and maybe the system would have let me FTP the sophs' new podcasts. As it happened, I couldn't do that on my own, but I was rescued by a "Lucky Star" in the form of the tech integrationist; and now you can hear segments about The Right To Read Around the World here, here, and here.


LH said...

I can't wait to listen to these podcasts with the thirdies.

Madonna's on Glee????

I watched it on Hulu. Pretty good, but the musical numbers begin fairly abruptly.

Kari said...

Very disappointing. The email, that is.

Sue Sylvester on the other hand...pure delight!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Something I was discussing with a friend the other day is that while I acknowledge Madonna's significance as the greatest pop star of the last quarter of the twentieth century, I could probably only name four of her songs. Material Girl, Vogue, Like a Virgin, umm... Is there one called Get into the Groove?

Yeah, that's four.
And re:Glee, don't give anything away, please- we're gonna hulu that baby up tomorrow night!

KC said...

Omg, Indiana, you need to get yourself a little something called THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION.

Lh, did you notice that all the segments are separate? That's because the kids all recorded and edited their own this time, and then when I was working with the (awesome) tech integrationist, he misunderstood what I wanted to do with the files. But, in the end, I think this is kind of cool... you can choose a few to listen to, and also re-listen without hearing the whole thing over again. Also, it makes it easy for me because I can add segments to the feeds without having to re-edit the whole thing. (There's one group that just can't get it together.)

Kari, that email was pretty bad. Right??

LH said...

KC, Ihaven't listened to them yet. I will tho, of course.

the end of the year is getting a little cranky at the compound. are you finding the same thing?

LH said...

Hey KC,
A little bit of sad news.
Our computers are super slow here and it takes a long time to open one of the episodes, so opening a series of episodes is going to take way too long for all practical purposes. But you plan to string these together at some point???
Sorry to be annoying!