Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Track Ladies 2010: First Workout of the Season In the Bag.

Today, I read the inane directions for administering the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment. I'm sorry to say, the system for deciding which schools pass No Child Left Behind is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

Not only do you NOT test the same group of kids from year-to-year ("improvement" is measured based on whether this year's sophomores can out-perform last year's sophomores), but we have to attend meetings at 7:15am to be told that just in case a kid pukes on his test, DO NOT THROW THAT TEST AWAY! WE MUST RETURN THE TEST BOOKLET!

And, did you sign the monitor sheet? And did you number the booklets? And did you bubble in your Form number? And did you put on the stickers after each segment? And DID YOU CHECK YOUR ANSWERS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?

Yes, this morning 100 professionals spent three hours making kids read zero-interest articles and escorting sixteen year-olds to the bathroom one-at-a-time.

I'm sorry legislature, but this standardized testing system - this incredibly high-stakes testing system that forces schools to focus almost solely on remediation - is just... I can't even tell you how stupid it is.


mm said...

Amen! Three more days (one reading and two math). Plus you forgot to mention countless instructions to make sure students don't have their cell phones.

Anonymous said...

We start testing on Monday. Clearly I am very excited for the whole debacle as well since I get to watch children fill in bubbles for hours and hours : ) Clearly this is a great way to spend my time educating the children of Apple Valley.