Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Have A Shin Splint, I'm Pretty Sure

When I first read The Great Gatsby in eleventh grade, my teacher did not point out that at the end of Chapter 2, Nick sleeps with Mr. McKee from NYC.

I didn't catch this as a teenager, but I certainly see it now. Apparently lots of people think that Nick is gay and that Gatsby might be gay, too.

In the paragraphs before Nick goes to the elevator and then to Mr. McKee's apartment, Tom dramatically breaks Myrtle's nose. It's easy to be distracted by all the blood.


LH said...

I'm going to have to pull out Gatsby and review these concepts.

Why a shin splint?

mm said...

I will have to admit I have never enjoyed Gatsby... not in school when I had to read it or in school when I had to teach it.

KC said...

hmmm. i just love gatsby, but i think it's really interesting that my teacher, who knew everything there was to know about fitzgerald and this book, left this important information out.

i guess since i went to a girls' catholic school, this kind of analysis could have gotten us all into trouble.

the shin splint is because i had bad shoes and also because i'm trying to train for a marathon without doing much mileage. i'm pretty sure i can fix it with ice and ibuprofen and new shoes.

Gina Marie said...

Shin splints are the worst. Hope you make a speedy recovery because they can really bring you down, what with the constant pain in each step and everything. :)

I had no idea about the Gatsby undertones either. Also a Catholic school, and I bet that's why. THX for the great link!