Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodbye, Ratface

A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed Superfudge on CD from the Hennepin County Library for Shef and me. We like to listen to books on CD on our commute, and I remember laughing my head off at that book as a kid.

It turns out I laughed my head off because Fudge is hilarious. He says all kinds of crazy stuff and he kicks his Kindergarten teacher and puts trading stamps all over his baby sister.

I'm counting on Shef not to repeat any of this Fudgie behavior. He laughed extra hard when Fudge called his teacher, "Ratface," and when his bird, Uncle Feather, said, "Bon jour, stupid."

Now we're reading the first of the Fudge books, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, in which Fudge is two years-old. It goes without saying that he bears a striking resemblance to a certain almost-two-year-old that Shef and I know extremely well.

Our little tyke has taken to saying, "Come on, Sheffie!" We both think that's pretty cute.

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LH said...

I saw 2 second graders in the hallway reading Superfudge and they were having quite the time.

I haven't read it. But I probably should give it a try this summer.

I read a graphic novel of Redwall to the thirdies last year that Sheffie might like.