Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 19

I read some reflections by students on how they're doing in the blended course. They're doing pretty well. Some of them (about five of the seventy-two) continue to complain about "busy work," which confuses me because I have completely eliminated busy work from their lives. I think some kids equate ANY work with busy work.

It makes me kind of want to add some busy work back INTO their lives, to tell you the truth.


LH said...

You have so many students. I don't get how you high school T's do this! I'm supposed to type up some little bird reports for a class tomorrow and they're about 4 sentences long and I keep avoiding it.

But if you have only 5 saying this ridiculous thing, you've got to be feeling pretty happy. I really want the details on this blended course. I'm very impressed.

kc said...

Also, I've never known how I would do it as an Elem teacher with the kids ALL DAY. I just get 30 an hour.

mm said...

Both ends of the spectrum seem overwhelming to me. I'll stick with the middle school students!!